Paid ads

Paid advertising​

Pay, get, earn. What could be simpler than that? Or…?

More than half of all people use social media

Paid advertising has always been great for increasing traffic and brand awareness. What could be better? People see your website one of the first in a search or when reading some article on another source and go to your page. If, of course, you were able to interest a potential client. This is where Visibilion’s specialists come in. Paid advertising will not work as the main source of visitors, so it is necessary to work well on the SEO and technical part of the website.

Even a seemingly simple thing like paid ads, in fact, quite a complex mechanism. It is not enough to simply choose, in your opinion, popular requests, location and choose a budget. In order not to waste your money you need to work through a lot of things. Target audience, exact keywords, estimated budget of the advertising campaign, relevant pages, metrics to track results etc. Let’s take a closer look at this topic.

Who are your target audiences?

In fact, not only in the advertising business, but in any business at all, this is the most important question. You can invest as much as you like in ads, but if you are promoting to the wrong people, the result will be zero. This stage requires a very deep analysis, it is not uncommon for companies to conduct large surveys and years of collecting customer data to exactly understand the portrait of their buyer. More often than not, a potential customer can have several “faces” and requires detailed research.

The good thing is that we are already like a fish in water in this area. Helping various businesses understand who their potential clients are, we have developed effective strategies to most quickly and accurately carry out the definition. Age, gender, interests, income and other characteristics will precisely describe who your customer is.

Keywords are the key, simple as that

After understanding who your customer is it’s important to identify keywords. How are users searching for you? What do they want to find and get? To answer these questions, queries are analyzed for a certain campaign. Of course, it is best to gather at least a basic semantic core, but it is not necessary for individual advertising activities. There are several professional ways to more accurately “ask” Google to determine who your ad is suitable for. For example, if your business is a chain of pizzerias, so that your ads do not reach people who are looking for a pizza recipe. They are not your target audience and accordingly we would not want to spend money on them from the advertising budget.

The more accurately will be selected the right queries, the more effective advertising will work. In paid ads the most important thing that the amount of attracting one real client does not exceed a certain bar and of course was profitable for the business. Keywords are used for both headlines and descriptions, so it is necessary to select queries of varying popularity and try to affect as many potential customers as possible.

Shall we try paid ads for a little bit?

There will be results for sure, but they’ll be better with us!