Pay-per-click & Pay-per-action

When it comes to results and effectiveness of operations.

PPC & PPA as a way of tracking outcomes

Everyone wants to know exactly what an action can bring and how to measure it. There are various methods of measuring effectiveness or KPI, from the common to the individual. The universal ones include cost-per-click and cost-per-action. This is a great way to track how your project is progressing.

And if the picture is clear enough for a click, you pay for each transition to the page of your website. Then with the payment for a targeted action, everything is much more interesting. You can independently determine what kind of action you are interested in. This may be the collection of data from potential customers to then be able to send them promotional mailings. Or you can choose “add to cart” as the required action from the user. There are many options, from a call/email from a customer to the direct purchase of a product or service. The only difference will be the amount of the percentage of the fee for the action taken.

Maybe it's time to work for results?

Clear terms and precise goals!