Website Audit

Research, that’s where all the exciting stuff starts. The beginning of the beginnings.

Any work with projects starts with a website audit

As cliché as it sounds, it really is. Without good and quality preparation, it is impossible to win a race. When we talk about auditing, we immediately think about a lot of data, analytics, figures and so on. All true, with one exception, website audits come in many forms and not always all of them are necessary. In order to understand what audits are really needed it is enough to do a quick check and then decide what to do next. Most often after an express audit are identified technical errors that can be considered by search engines as an obstacle to increase the visibility of your website. Nevertheless, a little less often, but there are also problems with the commercial basis. As a rule, such a mistake is made by those who do not follow the rivals who are in the TOP of Google. There is nothing bad in replicating good practices that are employed by your market competitors.

What other types of audits are available?

There is also a content audit, which is described later than the previous ones, but is no less important for improving the ranking of the website. Writing quality content is the key to success and user loyalty. If you want your website traffic to increase, your vital need to post fresh news and articles, as well as, optimize old ones.
To make your domain ranking grow you need other websites to link to your homepage. Especially after the latest Google algorithm updates, website rankings are very much affected by search engine positions. This is achieved by link building, and to find out what is the situation with the link mass will help link audit.
And least, but not last, check how comfortable to use the website. You will agree, when the page takes a long time to load, the text is inconvenient to read and generally clicking on the link it does not lead anywhere, it stresses the user. To avoid such embarrassing moments and not be ashamed of your source, usability audit will definitely come in handy.

What are we waiting for?​

Let’s find out if your website passes all the tests!